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So, I live in the south, and down here pool season started over a month ago…and apparently, if you’re not at the pool tanning, grilling, drinking, gossiping, or playing on your iPhone you’re doing something wrong. 


I’m not exactly into all of that though; I’d much rather sit on the side of the pool in my big, billowy, red hat and equally gigantic sunglasses (the only one doing so I might point out…not exactly a fan of the sun on such overwhelming levels…) with a good book.

Of course I get in the water and splash around a good bit pretending to be a fish or, as of late, a seahorse, but the thing I look forward to most is going home after a day poolside to a night of luxury.

For me, walking in with a nice lobstery tint, soaked in sunscreen and chlorine means treating myself, and my skin, to a relaxing evening.  It’s my post-pool party, if you will, and that means spa time!

Getting all of that sunscreen off is a nightmare…disgusting, greasy…just eww!  Not to mention the breakouts from hours of oil fields soaking into my face, but I have found ways around this that double as a true spa experience.

First I’ll set the mood for you…I turn down the lights, light some candles, maybe turn on some music and draw a warm bath.  Oh, and grab a large glass of ice water with lemon; I have been baking in the sun all day so hydration is a must.

Now we add the essentials:  Bath bombs and face masks.


Truly one of the greatest finds I’ve made this year is LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.  I found LUSH while wandering side streets in Carmel last August.  They have the most unbelievably decadent line of spa essentials.  One of the first things I found and now use every time I take a bath are their signature Bath Bombs.  They fizz to life with incredible fragrances, flower petals, moisturizers, oils and colors.  Love them!

I pair these with one of their Fresh Face Masks (mine’s the cleanser Mask of Magnaminty) and dear god I’m in heaven!  Fresh, minty, green-faced heaven!  And after I’ve soaked up all of the delicious aromas my pores are clean, and all of the sunscreen is gone!  Yay, no crater face in the morning!

Seriously…what better way to end a day in the sun?

Ah yes…

I bury myself in an overwhelming amount of plush pillows next to the man of my dreams with both kitties at our sides and a perfectly chilled glass of sparkling wine.  Oh yeah…I love the pool😀



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