My Fall Playlist

Winter Approaching

Monday…Oh, Monday, I’ve never really had a foul relationship with you, but today, you’re breaking me.  I haven’t been sick-sick in over three years, so when the plague of germs finally did hit me this past week, it was crushing.  But did I rest or stop?  Nope.  For some strange, inexplicable reason, my reaction was rage.  I simply could not admit defeat!   

So, I pushed on, and worked harder, and did tedious chores, and didn’t sleep a wink!

Ok.  My bad.  Lesson learned.

Apparently you need sleep when you’re sick…and now, I’m paying 🙁

Anyway, in case you haven’t caught on to this month’s trend, yet, I’m going full-on FALL!

So, in the spirit of encouraging Monday productivity, or possible lack-there-of, I’m turning up some tunes to get in the “fall mood” – whatever that even means 😉

Here’s my Fall playlist to get me in sweater-weather mode…even though I’m currently in a tank top and yoga pants!



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