New York City…Six Months Later

NYCIt’s been six months since Covid first made headlines as it began its sweep through New York City.  Six months since the endless scream of sirens racing up and down our streets forever changed our understanding of fear and faith.  Six months since we were first truly awoken, as a collective, to the reality of what it means and should mean to be alive.

It’s been six months watching politics reign over life-saving science, basic common sense and human decency.  Six months since we first watched the rest of the country gawk and say, “that won’t happen here.”  Six months since an economy was stopped dead in its tracks.

It’s been six months of stress, anxiety, depression, interrupted sleep, nightmares and confusion.  Six months since we’ve been able to embrace loved ones, travel to our families, our friends, experience the gatherings and events we once took for granted.  Six months since our city came to a standstill changing life as we knew it.

Six months and millions of jobs lost.  Six months and 200,000 nearly faceless funerals.  Six months and continued resistance by far-too-many to take simple measures to ‘care for thy neighbor.’  Six months, and time still stands still.

Six months, and hope triumphs as we encounter everyday people we now SEE just trying to live their lives.  Six months, and loved ones are brought closer together spending countless nights talking, dancing and laughing together tucked away in their homes.  Six months, and strangers become forever bonded as they meet their neighbors for the first time through surgical masks across fences, balconies, streets and hallways, awkwardly navigating encounters in elevators, stairwells and stores.  Six months, and time continues on.

Six months later…

What have we really learned?  What will you actually take from this moment?  Will you grow?  Will you resist?  How will you look at others moving forward?  In fear?  With compassion?

THIS is the moment.  Change is always hard, but change is how we better ourselves, even through the darkest moments.  You just have to let go, and welcome it with an open heart.

Remember, perspective.  Remember these feelings of loss and grief.  Remember these feelings of unexpected joy.  Remember these feelings of relief from already broken, normalized routines.  Remember, and take your next steps as a more enlightened individual, friend, neighbor, citizen, human being.

Six months later…and I’ve never seen so much hope, love and unity in this city I love.  Even through the darkness and the continued pain and struggle to overcome this moment in time, I see more beauty in what it means to be alive.

Life is full and all around us.  You just have to open your eyes and your heart, and see.



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