Summer Bucket List


I’ve been in hibernation for a few months now.  Once the sun comes out and the temperature goes up, I hide (i.e. Heat = bad).  Just no.

But, as I’m counting down the days of summer and looking in the mirror at my bat cave-like complexion (and realizing that I’m probably the only person in the world who cheers and jumps in the pool on a cloudy day), I’m kind of thinking it’s time to come out of my hole and do the summer thing.  So here’s my list of things I still want to do before I start celebrating the coming of Fall…which may be too late, as I was just out shopping for cute, little sweater outfits to sip my coffee in!

  1. Spend all day by the pool…in the sun!  I’m talking a sunscreen wearing, in the water, big hat, lazy pool day!
  2. Hit up the farmer’s markets in the a.m. hours.  I’m really bad at mornings, so I’m always one of the last customers of the day with little to pick through :/  That whole waking up thing is rough, though!
  3. Make watermelon cocktails to sip on the porch while watching fire flies.
  4. Finally take our fancy grill out and cook up a killer spread with some friends!
  5. Go out to a farm, and pick fruit.  I’m thinking strawberries and peaches!!
  6. Have sunset cocktails on a rooftop bar.
  7. Go to an outdoor concert.
  8. Pack a picnic and head to the mountains to look at the stars.
  9. Go wine tasting at one of our beautiful vineyards.
  10. Head to the coast for a day.  I don’t need to be on the beach all day.  I just want to breathe the salty air and chow down on a ton of seafood!  Maybe Charleston 😀

What’s on your summer to-do list?  Any suggestions?




  1. Head to York County to pick peaches, there are several orchards. Peaches usually run through September. You know I know my peaches LOL. Strawberries are usually more of a spring fruit, unless they have winter ones.
    Come to GWood! We can go to the vineyard in Newberry, Enoree River Winery. Of course there are tons in the foothills and mountains of NC. One of the better ones I have been to in NC is St. Paul’s Mountain outside of Hendersonville.

    1. Love these suggestions, Adrian! Thanks so much!! I had no idea there was a vineyard in Newberry. I can’t wait to do some research on these places 😀

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