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A Love Letter…to My Radiator


I wake in the middle of the night knowing something in the air has changed. The neighborhood has reached a silence that can only mean one thing. I wait for it in the dark with nothing but the sound of my own breath, and finally…there. There it is.

Another season quietly arrives in the predawn hours on the tail of the setting moon, and I can no longer sleep. Alert with anticipation, I stare into the shadows.

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New York City…Six Months Later

NYCIt’s been six months since Covid first made headlines as it began its sweep through New York City.  Six months since the endless scream of sirens racing up and down our streets forever changed our understanding of fear and faith.  Six months since we were first truly awoken, as a collective, to the reality of what it means and should mean to be alive. Continue Reading

Optimism – A Life Lesson in Times of Corona


When I look back at all that occurred in 2020, particularly in New York City, my adopted and forever home, throughout the unimaginable hardship that brought this world city to a complete standstill, more than anything, I saw hope, love, unity, kindness, empathy, compassion, innovation – a collective drive and optimism to lift one another up, with eyes and hearts focused on bringing about a brighter tomorrow, no matter how far off ‘tomorrow’ may be or how long that brightness might take to shine through. I look back, and I feel the embrace of that positive, hopeful energy that brought millions of strangers together and carried us through each day, an energy that still fuels my ability to get through these strange days.

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My Winter Playlist

Version 2

Guys.  SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER IS LEGIT!  I love winter, but this year is just out of control!  Here in NYC, we have seen an unusually warm and rainy season.  On the days when it is cold, it’s just that – cold!  Where’s the snow?  If I’m going to risk freezing to death, at least throw in some incentive for me to walk about smothered in blanket-sized scarves and thick-as-sheep sweaters. Continue Reading