An Astronomical Engagement

Astronomical Engagement

True, deep love is a privilege that is written in the stars. It is something we all reach for, but not something that can be forced. Just a few years ago, I said I didn’t believe in “true love” or marriage for that matter…and then, so unexpectedly, one man walked into my life, and my whole world changed. 

One month ago, today, that man drove me to the top of a mountain, telescope in hand, to look at the stars. It was an absolutely magical night – full moon, bright stars; we stood on an open-faced mountainside looking down on the rolling hills covered in mist, (me in some of his baggy clothes, chucks and a whole mess going on with my hair and face…of course…).

After about an hour of taking everything in, he switched out the telescope lens for “a closer look.” I looked.  And there, lit by the full moon, was a lens made just for me: Ashley, I love you. Marry Me.

Kneeling on the ground, he gave me my own star.

Yes, there are more wonderfully poetic details of that night and that moment, but I’m going to keep those for myself. All I will say, is that we have always been written in the stars.

I am eternally grateful to have found a love so strong, it shatters all reality and defies gravity, and all I want to do is share it with the world! I am truly, deeply in love, and I can’t wait to share forever!


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