Back to Basics: Motivating a New Lifestyle

2012-08-07 19.42.52

Spring is over and Summer is officially here, and with that I welcome a new chapter in my ever-changing life.  As I write these words on my deck, I’m surrounded by beauty and brought back to basics; just me, a pen…well computer, now, as times have changed… a sunset and a revived, intense passion for life. 

Every time I see this picture (taken one year ago in Cambria, CA) I remember to breathe and enjoy the moment.  It was a moment captured when I finally got it and was able let go of what was the most challenging year of my life, thus far, and see everything for what it truly is-beautiful.  I won’t get into all of that just yet, but do not mistake this for a “woe is me,” mushy, self-help sort of blog.  Oh no!

This blog is for all things beautiful, silly, delicious, creative, glittery and adorable with maybe just a little mush now and then 😉  This will be a place where I post all the things that I love with the hope that maybe my passions will be your inspirations to start living the life you want.




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