Birthday Reflections

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Birthdays.  I never used to want to celebrate them or even talk about them, but the older I get, the more I finally see the value in reflecting and celebrating.  Life is worth celebrating!  Just don’t corner me in a restaurant and sing to me on this one day of the year, that’s all I ask. 

I’m an overachiever and a slight perfectionist.  I’ve always felt, I don’t know, unworthy, of a celebration, like I didn’t do enough.  Now, I see that that’s just silly and naive.  Things are never going to be or go exactly the way that you plan, but that’s the fun in it!  You never know where the next step will take you, and that’s such an incredible gift.

Each year gets better and better, and this year was definitely a year worth celebrating.  So, I wanted to document my thoughts, in some way, for both posterity’s sake as well as for a moment of self-reflection.

This is where I am:DSC_0924 2

Where are you now?  Physically – on a couch.  Mentally – in the best place I’ve ever been!

What is the date? What is the weather like?  I’m not telling, but, obviously, June.  The weather…well, I’m pretty sure there were flames on screen during the forecast!  Hell is the most accurate description of what it’s like to step outside at this current moment.  Thus, I’m inside on my couch in a perfectly lovely 65 degrees 🙂

What’s the last movie that you saw? What was the last movie that you loved?  The last movie I saw in theatres was ‘Now You See Me: The Second Act.’  It was surprisingly awesome!  Loved it!

What are you listening to on your iPod?  iPod?  That’s funny.  Haven’t seen that thing in a couple of years.  My tastes are constantly evolving, so I don’t have time to update my playlist every other week.  People do that…it’s just silly.  I’m mostly on Spotify these days, or I just YouTube whatever pops into my head at a given moment.

Who are you in love with?  A man <3

Who is your best friend?  My love.  My cats.  My heating pad.  I know…

What do you wish you could own right now?    A wardrobe that not only fits but fits my personality and the image in my head.  Every single day I just stand in my closet and stare.  Then panic.  Then put on the very same outfit I wore the day before.  That is so not me!  I hate it.  I love to get dressed up and put myself together 🙁  It’s so sad.

What do you want your next vacation to be?  That’s so hard to answer!  I want to see and be in so many places!  Though I desperately need to re-group (mentally and physically) in a quiet place, like the mountains, I just want to be in the center of a large city, right now.  My love and I were just talking about our trip to Europe a couple of years ago.  There’s nothing I love more than a big, loud, busy city, like London or New York.  I love the anonymity of it.  It’s so comforting.

What are you most worried about?  Not getting enough time with the people I love.  Also, the snake in my front yard.

What is one amazing thing you expect to do in the coming year?   I think this year will be amazing in many ways, but I hope to just keep doing what I’m doing now.  I’m in a really good place.

What is your favorite recent memory?  Playing tourist with my love for the day in our city.  It’s the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time.  It was a truly perfect day.

What were the top 3 accomplishments from the last year?  My job promotion.  Pushing myself, creatively, to limits I didn’t think I had in me.  Not slapping the crap out of ignorant fools.

What made you laugh the hardest most recently?  Staying up until 3 a.m. with my love laughing about just how absurd European toilets are!  I mean, come on!  You guys invented history, but you can’t figure out how to flush a toilet???  Yeah…we’ll talk more about those stories later…a lot of broken bathrooms…

What are you best at?  What do you think are you greatest assets and skills?  Being a leader.  Empathy.  I’m best at being able to read people and allowing them to feel a strange comfort with me.  I think my openness, though often frightening, is my greatest asset.  As for skills – creativity, problem solving, storytelling, modesty 😉

What are your life goals at the moment?  To continue living life on my terms without caring what other people think and to be happy.

What are your wishes for the upcoming year?  I wish good health and happiness for all of those in my life.  I also wish to know where this year will take my love and me, geographically.  If we’re talking total, fantasy, ‘oh if dreams do come true!’ wishes, then I wish to be shooting a docu-series overseas, with my love, for our company.

What one piece of advice would you give your future self?  Stay weird.

What is your purpose in life?  To inspire others to find and be their true selves, not what society tells them they have to be.  To get others to laugh at my expense so that they can just step outside of themselves for one second and see that life is meant to be silly and enjoyed.  Don’t take it too seriously.

    (My “cute” birthday face.)



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