My Winter Playlist

Version 2

Guys.  SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER IS LEGIT!  I love winter, but this year is just out of control!  Here in NYC, we have seen an unusually warm and rainy season.  On the days when it is cold, it’s just that – cold!  Where’s the snow?  If I’m going to risk freezing to death, at least throw in some incentive for me to walk about smothered in blanket-sized scarves and thick-as-sheep sweaters.

This year, I give up.  You win!  If you’re not even going to do so much as make me put on an extra pair of socks and wish for that sweet relief of roasting on the radiator when I get home, then I’ll just stay in and pretend your chilling touch to my cheek doesn’t exist.  And, you can keep your magically seductive snowy white flakes of wonder and possibility.  From this day forward that nuisance shall only be referred to as sky dirt!  That’s right, you heard me!  SKY. DIRT!  I’m breaking up with you.  We’re done.  Take your SAD-ness and leave.  Bye now.  Cancelled.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here waiting you out in my closet-sized home singing, dancing, and writing with those who don’t wish to hide from me.  My dear playlists.  My friends.  My comfort.  My sanctuary.  My faith is in you, my friendlies, so let’s pump up the vibe in this place, and kiss the grey skies goodbye!

Here are some of the artists on my winter playlist:


PS – I CANNOT with this Dermot Kennedy and the soul in his voice!  Listen to ‘An Evening I Will Not Forget;’ it’s just too much!





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