Star Wars: May The 4th Be With You


Let no one ever question my allegiance! I am and have always been a huge Star Wars fan! I mean, come on, I’m basically with a Jedi Master😉 I have dueled with light sabers, practiced and perfected my menacing, raise-of-the-hand, air death grip, and even met Yoda in person. (Really! The artistic rendering of Yoda was inspired by Nick Maley’s lovely wife. I had the privilege of talking with her, and looking into the depth and soul in her eyes was truly mesmerizing.) So, what better way to celebrate today than with a little laughter at my expense😀 That’s right, yours truly sent in an audition for a role in The Force Awakens.  It was silly, and fun, and dear god was I awful (probably should have slept that week…), therefore I will not be showing the actual video. I will, however, share a few silly, stills from said audition with hope that it makes someone laugh today.







Gee…wonder why they didn’t pick me😉 This would have looked so much cooler had I actually gotten the part… Maybe next time. But, I did get the Hunger Games role back in the day!  Until then, hope you got a laugh out of this, and May the 4th be with you!


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