Brooklyn Travel Guide: NYC…A Food Tour


It’s not just that wonderfully eclectic, artsy, fashion-forward land across the bridge; it’s a state of mind.  A Brooklyn state of mind…and my mind, as always, is on food! 

The mission:  Smorgasburg- a food and flea market on the waterfront with the best city views.


All I can say is I was completely overwhelmed by all of the amazing smells and sights of fresh ingredients.  I wanted it all!  And believe me, I put a good dent in it, but my favorite delights were gourmet doughnuts from DOUGH.


Apparently doughnuts are the new cupcakes…or so said every person we encountered on this trip…and after trying these I am one hundred percent on board.


DOUGH has taken flavored doughnuts to an other-worldly level with everything from café au lait, to salted chocolate and caramel, to mojito with candied mint leaves, to hibiscus (my favorite!).   Naturally, I stuffed my bag, and my face, with no less than four of these delightfully warm, face-sized perfections!


So what next?  More food, naturally!  If and when you are in Brooklyn remember just one word.  Pizza!


I truly have no words.  As someone who was raised on California brick-oven pizza, I thought I knew great pizza…but I was wrong; I was so, so wrong.  Imagine a pie piled with fresh mozzarella and basil, stacked with thick, homemade pepperoni, pickled garlic and spicy roasted peppers then fired to foldable perfection.  Brooklyn just does it right.  That’s all there really is to say.  Delicious!


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