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I have neglected to write for some time, and that has thrown me a little off balance as of late.  I constantly crave this creative, cathartic outlet, no matter how silly a simple blog may be.  But, I do have a valid excuse (and yes, I will be writing and backdating posts to bridge the gap from Spring to Autumn), as my life has been changing in big and exciting ways!

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Come Fly with Me: A Travel Guide to Stress-Free Packing

2013-06-02-13-59-29Thank Prague, June is finally here!  These past several months have been filled with change, both stressful and exciting, with the start of a new company and moving into a new home.  It’s been physically and mentally exhausting, not to mention just painful (I DO NOT recommend trying to move a washer up three flights of stairs with just two people…there will be injuries).   But finally, dear god finally!  It’s time for a break.  Continue Reading