Come Fly with Me: A Travel Guide to Stress-Free Packing

2013-06-02-13-59-29Thank Prague, June is finally here!  These past several months have been filled with change, both stressful and exciting, with the start of a new company and moving into a new home.  It’s been physically and mentally exhausting, not to mention just painful (I DO NOT recommend trying to move a washer up three flights of stairs with just two people…there will be injuries).   But finally, dear god finally!  It’s time for a break. 

In less than 24 hours my love and I are flying to New York City for a very long and overdue vacation.  The only obstacle now – packing…


(Lay your clothes out so you can see what you’re packing.)

I love to travel and thankfully I’m one of those weirdoes who truly looks forward to packing.  It’s one of the few chances I get to play dress up with all of the fun things in my closet, well closets, and use my handy travel checklist (I LOVE lists!).


(Pick your accessories.)

The key to keeping things stress-free is a little music, planning and a few simple rules:

1.  Always pack a carry on!  There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and learning that half your wardrobe (and  Victoria’s Secret collection) is on the other side of the country.  One not-so-lucky trip, I was left exploring the fashions of a souvenir shop for a few days…lesson learned.

2.  Keep It Simple.  Don’t over pack.  You probably don’t need twelve pairs of shoes unless you’re planning to physically walk there.


3.  Lay out your clothes before packing and pick pieces you can turn into several outfits.

4.  Plan ahead.  Look at the weather and your itinerary, and plan for only what you’ll need each day.


(Kitten wants to come too😦 )

Most importantly, remember you’re leaving to escape your routine.  The world will not stop spinning if you forget your ridiculously expensive hair products at home.  There are stores everywhere; you will survive.  The point is to have a new experience.  Just relax, explore and enjoy each moment.


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