Epernay: A New Perspective

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Even though I live in a region where alcoholism reigns over religion, I’ve never really been into drinking. I’m definitely not into drinking just to drink (and in this region, that’s putting it kindly, because let’s face it, the culture I’m surrounded by has one purpose when they open a bottle, and one purpose only – to get DRUNK!), a favorite past time of “Otherners,” but I will say that I do appreciate good wine.

I’m originally from northern California. I grew up driving through vineyards on the way to school, surrounded by the crisp smell of sun-ripened grapes and wine barrels. Even at such a young age, I appreciated the vines, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve actually taken an interest in learning about great wines and their composition.

So, my love and I have been studying up, and not just on wines, but champagne as well. There’s obviously been a lot of “research,” (…don’t look in my recycling bins…) but among this oh so tedious task, we’ve come across some great documentaries about the different regions in France and Epernay, in particular, where champagne comes from.

I guess this journey of ours actually started a few years ago while on a family vacation to France (another AirBnb adventure!). During our trip, we went on a private champagne tour across Epernay and its surrounding regions. The vines were full, just weeks from harvest, and it was absolutely stunning! We toured two different vineyards, drank a LOT of champagne and wine, ate the most incredible food and wandered the caves of Moet et Chandon. The whole experience was so surreal.


Our time in France was such an incredible education. As a culture, the French truly understand the importance and value of taking the time to enjoy the little things – like a glass of wine with a great meal. When you open a bottle of wine in France, it’s not with the purpose of, “Come on ya’ll! Let’s get drunk!” It’s with careful understanding that when you open that bottle, you are silencing a moment, taking enjoyment in an art, and sharing a history with those closest to you.






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