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I have neglected to write for some time, and that has thrown me a little off balance as of late.  I constantly crave this creative, cathartic outlet, no matter how silly a simple blog may be.  But, I do have a valid excuse (and yes, I will be writing and backdating posts to bridge the gap from Spring to Autumn), as my life has been changing in big and exciting ways!

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My Southern Summer Bucket List


As the weather swelters and summer approaches, my days in the south are finally numbered.  After years of wishing my time here away, having never truly fit in, it’s time to move on.  New adventures await!  But, before I can look ahead, as of late, I’ve become overwhelmed with unexpected love and nostalgia for this place that I long fought and, let’s face it, has always fought (no, more like brutalized!) me.   Continue Reading