Baby You’re a Firework!

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When I think of what the Fourth of July means to me, I think of fire…like, literal fire…as in, “Hey Dad, why did you set the yard on fire?”  Or, “Hey Dad, are you sure you should be doing that?”  Or, “Hey Dad, are you aware that YOU are on fire?”  Or, “Hey Dad, the grill just went up in flames.  How done did you want that steak?” 

Celebrating the fourth, in my family, is usually a pretty comical event.  Not once has it ended without setting something, or someone, on fire.  But, at least we can always look back and laugh at those memories.  I don’t take those moments lightly.  I know how fortunate we all are to even have those moments to celebrate and laugh together.

Yes, July fourth means freedom, and to me, that freedom means setting your own course in life and shooting for the stars…or your neighbor’s house (whichever seems more attainable at the time).  Freedom comes in knowing who you are.  Freedom is a state of mind that only you can choose to take into your mind, body and soul.  Freedom is a feeling and comfort that is meant to be shared.

Don’t be afraid to share it.  That’s the ultimate gift, after all.

It’s just like miss Katy Perry sings…Baby! I kissed a girl!  No, wait…wrong song.  Firework!  Baby! You’re a firework!  Don’t be afraid to shine 🙂

Happy Fourth of July!

P.S. – We’re celebrating this year with patriotic, dip-dyed s’mores!!  I mean, ‘Merica, right?!

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