Getting to Know You Questionnaire

mountain sunset

As I’m currently attempting to vacate my mind and body with a mini mountain retreat (mostly a retreat from the torturous heat!!!), I thought I’d play a little game of getting to know you…me?… with a fun survey of unnecessarily, somewhat narcissistic questions. 

What’s your favorite season?  Fall.  I live for Fall!  I have a running countdown going year-round from start to finish of the wonderfully crisp season.

Would you ever live anywhere besides the city?  I like the idea of living outside of the city, but I wouldn’t survive out in the middle of nowhere.  I like being surrounded by culture and events.

What’s your favorite ice cream?  Green Tea Basil, Rocky Road, Mint Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?  Of course.  It drives me crazy to see people struggle to pinch them off with their toes just to have to untie them later to put them on.  What’s the point in that?

What color dress did you wear to your prom?  Emerald Green, satin.  It was beautiful.

What’s your favorite condiment?  Vinegar, I think, at the moment.

It’s brunch, what do you eat?  Eggs Benedict with fried potatoes.

Who’s a person you would love to have a coffee with?  J.K. Rowling.  What a brilliant woman!  I so admire her.

Twitter or Instagram?  Instagram all the way.  Twitter is pointless unless you’re in news.

Have you ever had anything stolen from you?  Sadly, yes.  Too many times.  Though, most recently, my dignity in a fit with a clerk at the DMV.

Favorite country visited?  Oh…that’s such a tough one.  I can’t choose between England and France for so many different reasons.  My heart is absolutely in Europe; that’s about all I can say to that.

Last country visited?  France

Country you wish to visit?  Iceland, Japan, Prague, all of them

What are you doing tomorrow?  Hopefully nothing, as I’m supposed to be vacationing.

What book are you reading right now?  ‘Across Carina’ by Kelsey Hall

A book you read because everyone else was reading it?  The Twilight series…so regret that.    I’ll admit, I was into the first one until I woke up and realized just how abusive and messed up it all was.  Seriously…so wrong.

Favorite beverage?  C-O-F-F-E-E!!

Favorite cocktail?  Not super big on cocktails; I’d rather have some honey whiskey.  I do like a good Mojito or Cherry Smash.

What do you order at a drive thru?  Cheeseburger and a shake

Favorite current TV show?  Orange is the New Black

What’s a movie that made you cry?  Every single one…I’ve got to get ahold of myself, I know.  I just love a good cry.  ‘Now is Good’ was fantastic and unbelievably emotional.  We’re talking couldn’t function for a good few days emotional.

What’s something you can’t do?  Go outdoors during the summer.  Heat. Sun. Snakes. Insects. Other bite-y-things. Bears, as for my current predicament.  Nope.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?  Lived in the South.  Ha!  Kidding.  Maybe, white water rafting in Alaska.  Getting in a cab in Rome.

What’s one thing you’ve wanted to do but have been scared of?  Acting auditions…It’s been a while.  My anxiety totally wins on that one now.

Bath or shower?  Bath while taking a shower!  It’s a thing.

Mountain hideaway or beach house?  Mountain hideaway

Favorite scented candle?  Peony, orchid, campfire, redwood (desperately longing for this one, now:

If you could spend three months anywhere, where would it be?  Can’t decide.  Somewhere beautiful where I could watch the seasons change.  Oh!  Paris!

Are you messy or neat?  Definitely not messy, but not totally neat.  It’s more like organized chaos, but everything must be clean.

What’s the first thing you do each morning?  Complain about waking up, and then throw a cat off of me.

What do you have for breakfast?   Eggs on an english muffin

What’s one skill you wish you had?  Mad guitar skills

What’s the best activity to do at home on a rainy day?  Curl up with a movie

What are you listening to right now?  Both of the 1975’s albums

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?  Reindeer sausage.  Mom’s from Alaska…at least it’s not moose.


You’re next!  Tell me something about you 🙂



  1. You are definitely not alone in that! I love just sitting down in the shower.

    I enjoyed this. And thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

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