Fall: Why It’s So Critical to the South


Fall brings with it crisp air and that nostalgic feeling that is un-paralleled any other time of the year. It makes you want to cozy up with some cider, maybe a good book, or even better, your love, by the fireplace.  It’s filled with day-dreamy days of wanderlust and a sort of peaceful bliss.

At least…that’s what you’re supposed to experience.  Continue Reading

Southern Apple Pie

cooked-apples-1102079_1920 (1)

Growing up in the South… wait.  Let me rephrase that.  Mostly growing up in the South, you learn a lot about living off of the land, farming, appreciating your surroundings.  Not that I didn’t before.  I mean, I grew up navigating the red woods of northern California chasing off bears, mountain lions and lost hippies.  But down here, everything’s much slower, much more indulgent.  Continue Reading

Coffee Musings: Success


My definition of success often changes, on some level or another, as goals shift and take new form, but my core values and thoughts on the subject have never changed.  Though I’ve sought success through academia, awards, accolades, and throughout my professional career, true success to me is the happiness that I’ve found in everything that I’ve done.   Continue Reading