New Year’s Anniversary


Ringing in the New Year is an exciting time for everyone, but it holds an even greater significance for me, because New Year’s Eve, now, marks the day I married my best friend and forever love.


One year in, and I can truly say that I am perfectly and completely happy. As we’ve celebrated with family and friends over the past 12 months, all of the usual questions have popped up, but one in particular always surprises me, painting my face with one of my all too famous “faces” – all distorted and just plain weird looking…

“Were you nervous?”

Now, this is such a crazy idea to me. Even before I believed in love or a happily ever after, I just didn’t get this concept. Nervous? Hell NO I wasn’t nervous! Why should anyone be nervous on their wedding day? The proper emotion is excitement! Happiness! Joy! Elation! I mean seriously, you get to stand next to your best friend and love of your life to state for the record your unconditional devotion for a love only you two share. That sounds like a pretty great day to me!


I could not wait to marry my husband!


When we first saw each other after getting dressed and all fancy for the ceremony, we just jumped into the other’s arms and held on tight. We were both so happy in that moment and so excited to be starting a new chapter, both in our lives and in our relationship. There were no worries in the world.  Just love.


The ceremony itself could not have been more perfect. It was casual, poetic, and all of eleven minutes (Yep, that’s how it’s done people!). It was just the two of us surrounded by the people that we love most, our parents and my sister, and a most incredibly beautiful natural wonder.


And it was hilarious! It happened to be the coldest day of the year with 45 mph winds bringing the temperature down to just 13 degrees! Can you even believe that? THIRTEEN!

So, ok, if anyone was nervous about anything, it was the fear of wondering what would happen to our faces should we dare shed a tear. Would icicles form so fast that our eyes would freeze, never to see one another again?! Now, that’s something to be nervous about!

But the freezing cold weather somehow made it so much more fun! We were all bundled up in our winter gear, totally covering our pretty little outfits. I wore snow boots under my dress and stuffed hand warmers inside of my faux fur muff, down my shoes and in my bra. Everyone was shivering with excitement, smiling and laughing the whole time. It really could not have been more perfect.

Remember serious is boring, people! Your wedding day should be memorable, not because it was so damn formal and boring, but for the moments you just let go and remember why you’re there in the first place.

So, we were married at Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe. When we arrived, it was so cold that we were the only ones even in the park. The shoreline of our cove was frozen and gorgeously reflected the sparkling sun on the water. There was a snowman on the beach who joined in as a witness and a horse drawn sleigh that just happened to be in the area.  To say the whole thing was pure magic would be sappy and cliché…but that’s exactly what it was.


Everyone was laughing throughout the ceremony trying not to fall over from the crazy, strong winds. I was jumping with excitement as we exchanged rings, and you better believe that when we were pronounced man and wife, I jumped at my husband for our first kiss…or at least tried to jump. Turned out, my legs were frozen, so I stumbled a bit, knocking us both back and into the officiant, throwing him onto the ice. Yep, it all happened in true, graceful, Ashley-style😉  It was awesome!



Happy New Year!


(Photos by the incredible Jon M. Photography)


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