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Baby You’re a Firework!

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When I think of what the Fourth of July means to me, I think of fire…like, literal fire…as in, “Hey Dad, why did you set the yard on fire?”  Or, “Hey Dad, are you sure you should be doing that?”  Or, “Hey Dad, are you aware that YOU are on fire?”  Or, “Hey Dad, the grill just went up in flames.  How done did you want that steak?”  Continue Reading

Epernay: A New Perspective

Country Statue

Even though I live in a region where alcoholism reigns over religion, I’ve never really been into drinking. I’m definitely not into drinking just to drink (and in this region, that’s putting it kindly, because let’s face it, the culture I’m surrounded by has one purpose when they open a bottle, and one purpose only – to get DRUNK!), a favorite past time of “Otherners,” but I will say that I do appreciate good wine.

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